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Sterile Light panels constantly sanitise your premises and help your customers return with confidence.

Scientifically proven to kill over 98% of bacteria and viruses in both the air and on hard surfaces, including the SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID 19.


These innovative panels replace your existing lights and use LED technology to reduce your electricity bill. This simple solution keeps both staff and customers safe by just turning on the lights!

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Sterile icons-01.png

A totally unique solution

  • Completely safe to humans and animals

  • Kills airborne microbes, including harmful viruses and bacteria

  • Reduces the risk of airborne pathogen transmission in indoor spaces

  • Purifies the air of toxins and odours

  • Utilises LED for high energy efficiency and reduces your electricity bill.


This makes Sterile Lights the ideal lighting panel for all areas of your club,

regardless of your ceiling type.

Technical specifications

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A complete solution by

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We also provide a comprehensive range of additional products and services designed specifically for clubs like yours.

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Visit www.clubcontrol.co.uk for more information on these products